I need a forklift. How should I go about buying one?

If you are in the market to purchase a forklift, there are definitely several things you need to consider. Here are just a few factors that should play in to your decision.


Understanding how you will use the forklift will determine a majority of your options, such as type of fuel and tires, and if the lift will be used indoors or outdoors. If used indoors, consider the warehouse, aisle widths, etc. For example, a truck that will primarily be used outdoors would most likely use pneumatic tires and a combustible fuel engine, while trucks for indoor applications would use solid tires and run on a battery. Keep in mind that manufacturers also make models fit for both terrain, but there are some compromises.


Forklifts are massive industrial pieces of equipment that must be operated cautiously. You must consider operator safety in choosing the right forklift, whether it is through formal OSHA certified training for the driver, or equipping the truck with a wide variety of safety accessories. Lift trucks may also come installed with standard equipment with safety in mind such as limiters and audio/visual alerts. Choosing the right manufacturer as a basis is key in this area.


There are obvious benefits between buying and leasing new or used/reconditioned forklifts. Renting lift trucks is also an option, especially if you want to try before you buy. At MHS Lift, we can help you with your decision by keeping your purchasing options affordable, and customizing a payment plan for your fiscal needs.


Building a trusting and lasting relationship with your forklift supplier is essential. A forklift supplier like MHS Lift can not only support your business with quality lift trucks, but also handle every aspect of your material handling needs by offering fleet maintenance, full service agreements, and warehouse configuration and installation services. You should feel that your business is 100% covered by the experienced personnel and services provided by your forklift supplier.

Do you sell used or reconditioned forklifts?

MHS Lift has an extensive on-hand inventory of reconditioned forklifts. If we do not have what you are specifically looking for, our Used Equipment department can do all the leg work for you, and find the right lift truck regardless of make and model.

Do you offer forklift maintenance options?

Yes we do. You can see our various types of maintenance options and agreements under our Service Department page. We are able to provide our customers with preventative/scheduled maintenance plans and full maintenance agreements. Also, MHS Lift offers fleet management services for your entire operation.

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