Safe and effective forklift operation is critical to running your business. Nationally, more than 20,000 forklift truck operators are seriously injured every year and close to 100 die (click here for more details). Materials Handling Supply, Inc. is available to train you and your staff in the safe and effective equipment operation. We offer training in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

We have three OSHA-compliant courses:

  1. A half to full-day lift truck operator safety training class, including practice on new equipment.
  2. Crown LeadSafe® supervisor training program.
  3. A full-day train-the-trainer program, giving a specific person everything needed to run your own in-house training course.

These courses will:

  • Substantially reduce your accident rate and help reduce workers’ compensation cost
  • Minimize damage to inventory and property
  • Improve worker productivity and morale
  • Fulfill your OSHA lift truck operator training requirements.

Operator Safety Training

MHS Lift can train your lift truck operators at your own facility. The training lasts from a half to a full day, and includes not only classroom work, but also actual practice on your specific lift trucks. This training meets all federal and state OSHA requirements and includes:

  • Fundamentals of lift truck operation, including truck controls and instrumentation.
  • Steering, maneuvering and visibility training.
  • Fork and attachment adaptation, operation and limitations.
  • Safe refueling and charging/recharging demonstrated.
  • Explains centers of gravity, the stability triangle and how to avoid accident.
  • Operating on ramps, in narrow aisle and closed areas.
  • Audiovisual presentations and extensive handouts.
  • Written tests and driver checklist.

Crown LeadSafe® Supervisor Training

LeadSafe® is an all-day class that teaches supervisors how to monitor operators and promote forklift safety. This program helps supervisors to reinforce the best practices conveyed to operators during their training. The class shows videos of proper and improper usage of forklifts, and proper operations of the equipment.

Train the Trainer

A comprehensive, full-day session designed to give one or more of your personnel everything needed to start your in-house training program. This program is conducted at MHS Lift’s state-of-the-art training center and:

Meets all federal and state OSHA regulations.

  • Includes demonstration of audio-visual programs and extensive handout materials, including copies of OSHA regulations.
  • Focuses on how to prevent the most common lift truck accidents and injuries.
  • Explains how to evaluate operators’ performance.
  • Covers refresher courses, when required, and what they must cover, plus rules on documentation.
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